First remains of the airplane visible

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First remains of the airplane visible

The salvage of the Lancaster ED603 moved another step closer last week. Earlier this month, the coverdam structure was installed. Last Tuesday, the water was pumped out of the structure to knee height. As a result, some parts of the plane saw daylight again for the first time in 80 years.

For project leader Atty de Haan and others present, it was an exciting day: “We had expected to see the first signs of the wreckage around 12:00, but that didn’t happen. We got a bit nervous: were we at the right spot?” It took until late in the afternoon before the first parts became visible. A relieve, but confronting at the same time. This is where 80 years ago Lancaster ED603 is believed to have crashed.

Next weekend, the last bit of water will also be carefully pumped away. The actual salvage work will start in early September.