Missed airmen finally found

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Missed airmen finally found

After the salvage work of the Lancaster ED603 was completed by the Department of Defence on 6 October, contractor Leemans Special Works immediately started dismantling the salvage site. The processing site was cleaned up again and the walls were removed from the water. In early November, the entire site was cleared and the work of the actual disposal was fully completed.

In late November, our municipality received positive news from the Royal Netherlands Army Salvage and Identification Service (BIDKL): the search for the remains of the Lancaster ED603 crew has been completed. Laboratory research in Soesterberg has revealed that the remains, found among the wreckage of the British Lancaster bomber ED603, belong to the three missing crew members: Arthur Smart, Charles Sprack and Edward Moore. This brings an end to a long period of uncertainty about their fate for their families. They have been informed of the outcome.

This makes the excavation of the Lancaster ED603 successful. The aim was to find the missing crew members and we are now waiting to hear from the UK authorities where, and when, the found crew members will be taken to their final resting place.

Meanwhile, together with various (local) museums we are looking where we could display special wreck parts of the Lancaster, so that we can continue to tell the story of the Lancaster ED603 and its special crew.